Georges St-Pierre: He was out for a long time, but he’s Jon Jones

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Georges St-Pierre: He was out for a long time, but he’s Jon Jones

Georges St-Pierre welcomes the return of Jon Jones and expects big things from him. Jones seems to be looking better than ever and is as fit as possible. Although he has been absent from the UFC scene for a long time, fans are impatient and believe that he is still the same fighter that he was.

“I’ve seen it on the red carpet when I got inducted into the [UFC] Hall of Fame. I took a picture and I put my arm around him, I was like, ‘Man, he’s solid like a rock.’ He’s huge,” St-Pierre recently told MMA Fighting.

“Jon Jones, he’s solid like a rock, he looked huge. “And it looked like he put the weight at the right place. I can’t wait. I’m a fan of Jon Jones, I like to see him fight. I can’t wait to see him come back.

A lot of people are like, ‘Yeah, he was out for a long time.’ He was out for a long time, but he’s Jon Jones, you know what I mean? Don’t forget that he’s Jon Jones. He’s arguably the best fighter of all-time too.

He can make a comeback and I think he’s going to be successful when he does”.

Georges St-Pierre

St-Pierre also spoke about the category change that he himself went through. It is not easy to go to the higher category and for many fighters, this is a problem.

However, St-Pierre believes that Jon Jones will not have the same problems. “I’ve done it the wrong way,” St-Pierre said. “I’ve tried to put on weight. I prepared myself a long time, I tried to eat and put on weight, but with the stress [on my body] it creates problems.

If I would have to do it again, if I could come back and tell a younger Georges before he tried to put on weight, I would’ve told him to just stay the way [you were] at your natural weight, because you’re not going to have any health issues and you will perform even probably better.

But certain guys have different abilities." Sometimes it's hard to adapt. “I have a hard time putting on weight, that’s the way my body is; some guys, they can put on weight easier, depending on if you’re an endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph. A lot of guys have different tools, different ways of doing it, and it’s easier for them”.