Dustin Poirier on Michael Chandler: “I bit the s*** out of his fingers"

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Dustin Poirier on Michael Chandler: “I bit the s*** out of his fingers"

Dustin Poirier commented on his match with Michael Chandler..Poirier decided to accuse Chandler of certain illegal moves. “I bit the s*** out of his fingers,” Poirier told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour. “But I had my mouthguard in, so only my bottom teeth could get him.

He didn’t even try to pull it out when I bit. ... In the moment, when I was biting down on his fingers, I kind of stopped biting like, ‘Oh s***, what am I doing?’ Reality hit me. I’m glad I bit him, but it was an instinct.

... “Just be honest. It’s whatever. And I’m sure he didn’t plan on doing it, but in the heat of the moment, you’re fighting for your life, bro. Just like when I bit him. I didn’t plan on biting him.

I was like, ‘Oh s***, I’m f****** really biting this guy!’. It’s war, it’s fighting. Things happen in there. But admit it”. - he said, as quoted by mmafighting.com Chandler justified himself and said that he was blowing the hose while Poirier was under him.

However, Poirier is furious. “I don’t care what the f*** the guy says in interviews, or the guy he’s trying to portray,” Poirier said. “He 100 percent did. He 100 percent did. When I was elbowing him, I was calling him a nasty motherf*****.

That’s what I kept telling him. ... “I can hear him blow his nose. He did it hard. Let me tell you this, if you go back and watch the replay of the blood falling out of his nose, yeah, it was leaking, it might be broken or whatever.

But when he got it lined up where he wanted it, those huge globs that came out, they didn’t fall out, he forced them out. And it’s fighting. It’s war. Just like the hat said, it’s war. I’ve done it to guys before.

I did it to Joe Duffy in Vegas, when he shattered my nose. I was trying to bleed in his eyes and throw elbows. It’s just fighting. But don’t lie about it”.

Chandler vs Poirier

Chandler had another shot after which Poirier covered up against the fence.

However, he revealed what hurt him “None of those shots really hit me clean,” Poirier said. “I was rocked from a headbutt, bad. That’s what started the whole barrage of him trying to finish me against the fence.

The headbutt was the biggest shot I took that night. Big time”. “No, not at all,” Poirier added when asked if that too was intentional. “He kind of went down, faked the shot, I down-blocked, went to sprawl, and as he was coming back up, it was a good shot.

I was really hurt. That’s why immediately I went back to the fence in the first round to kind of use it as a crutch. Obviously, he started going crazy trying to finish me. I would have done the same thing to him. He probably didn’t even know the headbutt [happened].

I got the worst of it, for sure. It hit me under my jaw. ... Luckily I was able to roll, and bob and weave the punches so nothing landed flush, but I was worried”.