Frankie Edgar about his favorite fight

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Frankie Edgar about his favorite fight

Frankie Edgar recalled his best moments in his career in a conversation with The Fighter vs. The Writer “That’s the feather in the cap,” Edgar said, as quoted by “Winning a title, that’s been my goal ever since I got into sports.

When I was a wrestler, I wanted to win a state title and then a national title. I always came a close second. Missed All-American in triple overtime and I finally reached my goal. “That was just amazing that feeling, I’ll never forget it.

One of the best things to happen to me in my sports career for sure”. He also recalled the fight with Maynard where he won. “Definitely the [Gray] Maynard fights,” Edgar said. “Always the top of the list.

Whether on Twitter or just out and about. They definitely talk about those. I took a shellacking at the start of both of those fights. They were definitely talked about the most”.


In his career, he did a lot and made a lot of strange decisions.

“That’s how you get remembered,” Edgar said. “It’s going to be wild to be done because I started wrestling when I was 13 and I’ve been chasing glory ever since then. For reasons like that”.

“When [people] look back on my career, and it’s like damn this guy fought everybody,” Edgar said. “Getting into the sport, I didn’t plan to fight across three different weight classes but just the nature of the game and when I first got in, [155 pounds] was the only weight class I could have fought in.

I kind of ended up there by default. That’s just a true martial artist. “I think this sport was really put on the map by Royce Gracie — a little guy coming in there and beating bigger guys. Being versatile and being able to fight and win at three different classes is a little bit of a throwback to that”.

Edgar has a goal of being inducted into the Hall of Fame “I put a lot into this,” Edgar said. “In every fight I did, I put my all into. Whether it was in training or the fights. You watch any of my fights, you know I’m willing give it my all to get the victory.

“To get recognized for that, I think yeah, that’s definitely something that I look forward to. Otherwise, why did I care so much about being successful?”