Khabib Nurmagomedov does not want a fight with McGregor

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Khabib Nurmagomedov does not want a fight with McGregor

It’s been two years since that famous battle in Las Vegas at UFC 229 between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor. The Dagestani then confirmed his dominance in the lightweight category by drowning an Irish fighter from behind, and then jumped in among the members of his team and started a general fight.

It was personal revenge for the series of insults that all of them, led by McGregor, sent him months before the clash. He was especially hurt by insults on religious grounds, which he admitted. Lately, however, the UFC has been trying to pair them in every way possible, as it is clear that it would make millions of dollars.

Since the match is not even in sight, because the fighter from Russia does not even want to hear about Conor, the boss of the organization, Dan White, decided to put them in the reality show The Ultimate Fighter, where the two of them would be coaches of two opposing teams.

Nurmagomedov vs McGregor

That is the basis of that show, whose 29th edition would be. Although McGregor agreed in principle, the other side does not even want to hear about such a possibility. "An ultimatum fighter with him !? He needs that attention, and I don't want to give him that pleasure.

I would never give it to him, not even for five billion dollars! Even if they gave me ownership of the UFC, I would never do it. It's over with him, I finished with Conor on October 6, 2018. I finished with him and everything around him, "Nurmagomedov is clear.

The ruler of the light category, however, seems to have left the door open for a potential rematch for McGregor, because he would surely be welcome to take a good hunt once again towards the end of his career and beat the hated opponent along the way.

Although he denies that he wants to, he seems from the last thought that he is ready to talk. But not yet. "As for my next matches, we agree on everything. I have new challenges ahead of me, first Dustin Poirier, then Justin Gaethje.

We will see who will be after, but I don't believe it will be McGregor." Nurmagomedov recently lost his father and coach Abdulrahman due to complications caused by a combination of the coronavirus and heart disease and is now fighting for his memory.

He will fight Gaethje soon, on October 24 in Abu Dhabi at UFC 254. A tough match is expected between these two fighters. Most believe that Nurmagomed is the favorite, but they are still drawing on the fact that it will be an uncertain match. But in the UFC you never know, one second and you’re already on the floor.