Blachowicz: "The best opponent for me would be Jon Jones"

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Blachowicz: "The best opponent for me would be Jon Jones"

It’s been two weeks since Jan Blachowicz became the new UFC light heavyweight champion. He is currently resting in Poland, where he is greeted as a hero and follows events on stage. It is not known at the moment who could be his first challenger, but if he could make a decision about it, he would have absolutely no doubts.

"The best opponent for me would be Jon Jones, but I don't think that's realistic right now. It's not going to happen so my opponent will be the winner of the fight between Glover Teixeira and Thiago Santos.

Besides, Adesanya is also a good option. We'll have to wait a bit, "but again, if you ask me, it would be Jon Jones. He promised me a fight after I beat Corey Anderson and I've been waiting for him ever since. I believe I'll be able to catch him sometime in the future," Blachowicz told Submission Radio.

Jones vs Jan

He hopes to be able to get Jones back, but believes that is not realistic at this point. He believes that Jones has run away from him, that is, that at this moment he does not want to be part of the light heavyweight category on whose throne he is.

"Look what I did to Dominic. Jon just ran away because he doesn't want to lose to me. I understand that, he got scared and ran into the heavyweight division. The most important thing for him was to run away from the legendary Polish force, that's why he left.

He's scared!" he said, adding: "I have a belt, but I want to win it. He has one defeat, but he came by disqualification so it's not really a defeat. I want to be the first to beat him in the light heavyweight division."

As he mentioned Israel Adesanya in the same conversation, he was also asked about a possible fight against the middleweight champions, if he made the decision to unite the two belts. Jan is ready to welcome him with open arms.

"Adesanya may try, but I think he would return to his division very soon. When we meet, he will pass just like Luke Rockhold. Everyone thinks they know me and that I am an easy opponent. Only when the cage door closes do they feel my strength" "I'm a different fighter, they didn't fight someone like me and they should feel it on their skin," said the first European UFC champion in the 93 kg category.

Santos and Teixeira will fight on November 7 in Las Vegas, and Aleksandar Rakić hopes for his chance to attack the throne. But he will still have to do another fight before that, even though he thinks he doesn't need it.

So he recently rejected the idea of ​​fighting Jiri Prochazka, which actually makes the most sense for both given the rankings and statuses of the fighters.