Chael Sonnen on Floyd Mayweather fights: It's fixed


Chael Sonnen on Floyd Mayweather fights: It's fixed

Chael Sonnen believes that Floyd Mayweather fixes fights. After the end of his professional career, Mayweather had three more exhibition matches. He decided to become part of the MMA giant RIZIN Fighting Federation. In two days he has a fight against Mikuru Asakura...

Sonnen talked about money and Mayweather. “Floyd is claiming he’s gonna get $20 million for this — I call it ‘rassling because they’re not actually [fighting] — but whatever they’re getting ready to do in Japan, whatever that is that’s going to look like boxing, he’s getting $8 million,” Sonnen said on his YouTube channel.

“Now, eight is a beautiful number. But he claimed he was getting 20. So I feel because I know the real number, that I can’t let it go. I must come to you guys. I have a journalistic obligation to come and inform you it’s actually $8 million and he’s exaggerating.

“He going to do something — exhibition? They’re calling it something. He’s doing ‘little guys that are terrible.’ He’s getting good exposure making a bunch of money and he’s having a really good time.

All of those things bother me. I don’t want him having a good time. No fighter gets to have fun. No fighter that’s 40 years old that isn’t doing actual fights, only pretending to go against terrible competition that can barely sell ...

I mean these guys can barely even pretend that they’re knocked out. It’s not all that good. They don’t get to have fun and make millions of dollars”. - he said for

Floyd Mayweather

It seems as if this is all a set up story and something based on which Floyd will earn huge money.

“Floyd’s going to go make $8 million to not actually compete with a guy who if he did compete with he would destroy in 30 seconds,” Sonnen said. “Other people that are actually willing to fight, not call it an exhibition, not go out for eight rounds, not shorten the time limits to two a piece instead of three ...

can’t make a 10th of that. Why would I tease Floyd? Doesn’t it sound like Floyd’s the one that figured it out? “If Floyd can go in there and get $8 million for whatever that is and he doesn’t have to work very hard, he doesn’t have to train at all because the script is on his side and they’ve already told him who’s going down and when, isn’t that something I’d want to emulate? Floyd’s gonna go over to Dubai, he’s gonna do something after this, which will represent the second time that he’s done that, and he’s going to get millions of dollars.

I don’t know, I think in Dubai, they’re actual competition, they’re just with bums. Those might also be scripted like the stuff he’s doing in Japan, I don’t actually know that, I haven’t got to see one, they’re like little private events”.