Nate Diaz on Khamzat Chimaev; “Lame, scared, boring rookie.."

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Nate Diaz on Khamzat Chimaev; “Lame, scared, boring rookie.."
Nate Diaz on Khamzat Chimaev; “Lame, scared, boring rookie.." (Provided by Sport World News)

Nate Diaz was not impressed with the performance of Khamzat Chimaev and did not choose the words talking about Chimaev's performance “Lame, scared, boring rookie,” Diaz said for “Whack, p****, lame, d*** sucker.

All those”. Diaz was furious after the weigh-in, considering that Chimaev was heavier than it should have been, and the match was postponed. “I was in the sauna on my last pound, and I was like what the f***?” Diaz said.

“Whatever, let me finish this up and then we’ll talk about it. I was like whatever, let’s just get to weigh-ins, and tell me whatever is happening after I eat and rehydrate. “But I figured this motherf****** is scared.

He got punked, he got scared at the press conference. I knew that was going to happen”.

Nate Diaz on the fight vs Ferguson

Diaz was not satisfied with the development of the situation and wanted more money for the fight vs Ferguson.

“I was like you’ve got to pay me,” Diaz continued. “If you want me to switch people on me on one f****** day, I just cut 15 pounds, you make me change my opponent, you guys got to give me more than you give any of the champions in this whole organization.

They’re like ‘stupid, we already give you [that]’ and I want more than that then! I lost count [how much they gave me]”. He still wants to fight Conor Mcgregor and thinks it would be the right thing to do.

“I would like to finish that, the trilogy for sure,” Diaz said. “That would not be a trilogy in boxing, that would be [fight] No. 1. We could do some of those, too, but I’m going to go do what he tried to do and show him how to do it”.

Chimaev had to fight Kevin Holland, and White commented on Chimaev's performance and weight problems. “We knew as soon as he wasn’t going to make weight that the fight wasn’t going to happen. Forget about Nate, the commission wouldn’t have let the fight happen with that big of a weight discrepancy.

You immediately start getting to work to figure it out”. “I don’t know if anybody expected him to do exactly what he did,” White said about Chimaev. “You don’t know what to expect from that guy.

This is like his fourth fight that he’s never even taken a punch. “He’s an absolute f****** freak of nature, and I don’t think anybody expected that, especially against Kevin, who’s 6-foot-2. To say that somebody expected that, there’s no f****** way people expected that. I didn’t expect that”.

Nate Diaz