Luke Rockhold on the three fondest moments in his career

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Luke Rockhold on the three fondest moments in his career

Luke Rockhold has become a huge UFC star and a man of interest to UFC fans and opponents alike. In an interview with mmafighting, Rockhold reflected on the happiest moments of his career, which also include his fights. “Those moments that define you as a man, I think those are the biggest moments — and there’s three that really stick out,” Rockhold said.

“For me, it’s my fight with [Ronaldo] ‘Jacare’ [Souza]. It made me whole. It made me a man. That gave me relevance in life. And then the stages of the game, there’s always goals within goals, and then there was the fight with [Chris] Weidman.

Doing that and achieving that height, you know? And then coming back and doing this [against Costa], proving it to myself that — where I needed to go after losing track of myself, letting society kind of direct what I should want, what I thought I want, and then having to come back down to reality and figure out what the f*** I want really.

... I had to lose myself to come back, and now we’re going to f****** show people, show people the truth. That’s how I saw it”. - he said, as quoted by

Luke Rockhold on young talents and manager

Rockhold also sent a message to young talents who want to try themselves in the UFC.

He emphasized that they choose carefully who will be their manager, considering the negative experiences. “Get a manager that’s not connected to the game, that’s not part of the f****** system,” Rockhold said.

“... There’s a f****** few managers that work for the UFC. We all know who you are. You’re f****** the sport up. And the kids that follow them, you’re all f****** it up. How the f*** are they going to work for you when it comes down to it? When you’ve got that title money, when you get the [leverage] right, when you f****** play hardball? Because hardball is what gets you f****** paid and gets you f****** relevance in life.

And when you have managers that work for the f****** UFC, they ain’t going to stand up for you when you f****** want that worth. When you want that f****** paycheck, when it really comes down to it and you don’t want just your win and your show [purse] — get your f****** worth.

Don’t f****** play the system because it’s easy, don’t sign that last fight contract because it’s easy. Hold out to the f****** end and put your f****** balls on the line”.