Francis Ngannou reveals the return date: I'm kind of very out of shape

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Francis Ngannou reveals the return date: I'm kind of very out of shape

Many hope that Francis Ngannou could return by the end of the year, however, the Cameroonian denied such an option. After the hand surgery he had, he hopes to return in the first months of 2023. In addition, Ngannou must work on his weight and some other things in order to be fully prepared for new challenges.

“I would think more like the beginning of next year [to return], because I’m five-and-a-half months post-surgery, and I’m not very strong on that knee yet,” Ngannou told ESPN “And see how heavy I am, that’s something I really have to consider — my weight and this division and how it is.

When I go back to Vegas in the U.S., I think I’m seeing the doctor next week or something like that, so I’m going to have his opinion and I just need to keep [doing] the physical therapy. They both have to be in [agreement] to when I should at least start training just to get in shape, then we’ll be [able] to consider a fight”.

Francis Ngannou and his potential opponents

Ngannou is totally out of shape, which is reasonable considering how long he hasn't trained. However, no one doubts that he will soon return to the proper form, but first, a full recovery is needed.

“In the past seven months I haven’t really done anything, so I’m kind of very out of shape — very out of shape, the most that I’ve ever been,” Ngannou said. His coach, Nicksick, believes that Jon Jones is the best option for the match after his return.

“The fight that makes the most sense is obviously Jon Jones,” Nicksick said. “That’s the fight we all want”.
Ngannou is a big fan of boxing and has often said that he wants to try boxing gloves in the ring.

Most expect that he could face Fury in the ring, but he emphasizes that Fury is not the main factor in his decision. “My career doesn’t depend on Tyson Fury or anyone else,” Ngannou said. “My desire of boxing doesn’t depend on Tyson Fury.

So whether he’s retired or not, I’m still going to do that. I still want a boxing match in my career, a few boxing matches, and that’s something I’m going to engage in conversations [about] when it comes the moment.

“I don’t know [if that’ll be in the UFC], it depends. We haven’t had a real talk, but if boxing can happen in the UFC as well — we haven’t had the real talk, let’s see how it plays.

I’m open to any option. But what I do know for sure is that I’m going to do that damn boxing”.

Francis Ngannou