Islam Makhachev on Leon Edwards: “Edwards was lucky because.."

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Islam Makhachev on Leon Edwards: “Edwards was lucky because.."
Islam Makhachev on Leon Edwards: “Edwards was lucky because.." (Provided by Sport World News)

Islam Makhachev believes that Leon Edwards would lose in a potential new match against Kamaru Usman. Although Edwards won by knockout, Usman dominated the match and showed that he has quality. It was expected that the Nigerian would solve things quickly, but then an absolute reversal happened.

Edwards settled the match with one knockout, which shocked the entire audience. “Edwards [got] lucky because he (Usman) beat him all five rounds, almost,” Makhachev told ESPN. “First round, he (Edwards) take him down, take his back, but other rounds he (Usman) beat him very easy, take him down many times and smashed him there.

When they’re going to fight again in rematch, 100 percent I think Kamaru is going to beat him ... Edwards have same problem, always with wrestling guys”.

Islam Makhachev vs Charles Oliveira

Islam Makhachev is preparing for the next challenge in his career, and it is also the biggest so far.

He will fight against Charles Oliveira. He is aware that he will not have an easy task considering the qualities of the Brazilian, but he is ready for any fight. Many expect this to be one of the best fights. If Charles gonna come to Abu Dhabi in very good shape, it’s gonna be like irons touch together, sparks, you know?” Makhachev said.

“When I touch Charles it’s going to be always sparks — if he come in very good shape. “I’m gonna dominate him or it’s gonna be not an easy fight because this guy champion, this guy have good skills.

Grappling skills, striking skills, it’s going to be very good fight. I’m ready for — doesn’t matter how many rounds it’s gonna be, where it’s gonna be — striking or grappling or wrestling match.

I’m gonna be ready everywhere. This is my goal, this is my dream. That’s why I’m gonna train so hard and I’m gonna come to Abu Dhabi in very good shape”. Justin Gaethje predicted the match between Makhachev and Oliveira.

“I’m 100 percent confident that Islam will not dominate Charles, and that’s about it,” Gaethje said before a month. “I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just the way that I feel.

The last time [I fought], I stepped in there with [Oliveira], there’s no way. It’s going to be a great fight. I wish I was there, I wish it wasn’t in Abu Dhabi so I can be there, but we’re all in for a treat”.

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