Luke Rockhold on smearing blood over Paulo Costa's face: It was just a 'f*** you

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Luke Rockhold on smearing blood over Paulo Costa's face: It was just a 'f*** you
Luke Rockhold on smearing blood over Paulo Costa's face: It was just a 'f*** you (Provided by Sport World News)

Luke Rockhold had an interesting last fight in the UFC. Although he lost to Paulo Costa, this match was marked by one moment. The moment when Rockhold started to smear blood all over Costa's face. He explained his action. “It was just a ‘f*** you, you’re a b****,’” Rockhold said for “I remember just talking back and forth and just, when somebody is point fighting and someone’s going for the kill, that’s the difference.

And I felt like I was there to kill or be killed, and he was out there trying to get by. If more time exists — I rushed it, I f****** should’ve had that mount position and it would’ve been over. You know how that world works.

I just rushed into that one and fell behind, and kept putting myself behind and having to dig myself back up. But I just felt like I was in there with a lesser man and I wanted to show him: ‘You’re my b****.’

Luke Rockhold and his nose

Rockhold was most frustrated by the nose and the fact that Costa was targeting his nose the entire time.

“Honestly, he broke my nose back into place,” Rockhold said. “He kept f****** [pissing me] off because he broke my nose and then he kept hitting me on my nose, and I could feel the f****** thing just crunching in my face, and I was like, ‘F***!’.

That was really kind of pissing me off the most. It got me back into that fight. You’ve got to f****** piss me off, I guess. It was definitely off [beforehand], my nose was off, and I think he even took down some of the bump, you know, from the side angle.

So he straightened me up and he took off my ridge, and so I was like, ‘F***, I’ve got a Hollywood nose job.’” “There’s no animosity — I just don’t think much of him as a person,” Rockhold said.

“And I think that fight, him getting his hand raised, tells the tale of who we are. I think people could see who I am, at least. I’ll take it. Whatever”. Rockhold is proud of himself and the career he has had.

“I appreciate myself and the effort I put into it, and f****** it just all came out,” Rockhold said. “I’ve dedicated and changed my life to not cutting any corners and doing this thing right and bringing back the dog, doing it for myself.

You lose sight of that when you get to the top of the game. You lose sight of it, you start playing to society and like, what does society want? When you get to that mountaintop, you start playing like, ‘What does it take?’ You already got to the top, you’ve got to be the king of the game, and then you’re like, ‘Now how do I navigate what society wants from me?’ I think that’s what a lot of people do — men lose track of themselves.

So the digging it back up, the true self, digging up that old dog that I had before Weidman, it was that. It felt good. It felt good to find it”.