Luke Rockhold on Jake Paul: “I don’t really give relevance to idiots"

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Luke Rockhold on Jake Paul: “I don’t really give relevance to idiots"

Jake Paul criticized Luke Rockhold after his fight with Paulo Costa. Luke Rockhold could not be quiet and decided to answer Paul. “I don’t really give relevance to idiots. I’m tired of doing that,” Rockhold said, as quoted by Rockhold had a positive opinion of Jake Paul, given that Paul initiated UFC fighters to be paid more.

Nevertheless, Paul is such that at some moments he has to criticize someone and make him a target. “I thought the kid had a better head on his shoulders, and I thought he was doing better for the sport [of MMA]. Like you said, it was cool — I’ve seen him stand up for respect for the sport.

But then the hate kind of got to him and made him feel insecure about his hate, and so he tried to put that off on me, because of obviously my cardiovascular system in the altitude. But motherf*****, you’re doing handicapped fighting.

So don’t talk. And you’re finding guys that are smaller than you, everything you’re doing. I don’t think I really opened my mouth about you — don’t open your mouth about me. You just don’t f****** understand what fighting is.

When you’re thinking about fighting, you’ve got to think about dying."

Luke Rockhold on boxing and MMA

Rockhold believes that there is a huge difference between boxing and the MMA, and that Paul would not be able to last in the ring.

“Boxing is boxing. Putting these f****** puffy little pads on your hands and all you’ve got to worry about their f****** hands. Think about elbows, think about knees, think about grappling, think about kicks, think about f****** every goddamn thing you could think

Put you in a state of reality, which you’ve lost touch with”. Rockhold believes that Paul has given himself too much credit, and that he is far from it. “The reality of the modern day — people like that, he thinks he’s like a f****** [Muhammad] Ali,” Rockhold said of Paul.

“Shut the f*** up. Go back in your f****** hole before I f****** smack the s*** out of you”. It seems that a fight between the two is not a reality at the moment, considering that Rockhold has other plans. “Not really, no.

I’ve got my plans,” Rockhold said when asked about potentially fighting Paul. “I don’t need it. I don’t need to give relevance to some f****** dumb kid”.

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