Usain Bolt on the use of marijuana in sports: That’s how I look at it


Usain Bolt on the use of marijuana in sports: That’s how I look at it

Usain Bolt touched on many topics in an interview with Men's Journal, and one of the first was the Michelob ULTRA Beer Run "If you can prove that you go running, you go to the gym, you do yoga, even cycling—any form of workout you can prove to us by going to our website or to any of our social media handles—you will get a free beer.

And this promotion is running all summer. You can get a free Michelob ULTRA on us." The journalist asked him if he also drank beer during his career; "For sure. You have to make time to relax. You work hard, but you have to enjoy it.

You can’t just work, work, work. You have to enjoy the work that you put in. So I’d definitely allow myself to just relax and have a beer."
Usain Bolt commented on the banning of Sha'Carri Richardson for using marijuana.

He also revealed whether he would use marijuana; "I would not know. There’s a list that they show you as an athlete. They tell you, “This is banned. You can’t use it”. So I’ve never really gone into it and tried to figure out if it makes you run faster, or if it doesn’t make you run faster.

As long as it’s on the banned list, you avoid it. That’s how I look at it. I’d just say, you know, it’s tough on her [Richardson]. I know she’s going through a tough time with the loss of her mother and everything.

I’d just tell her she just needs to re-focus, and the people around her need to support her and help her to stay on the right path and get back on track. It’s not the end of the world. She still has a bright future ahead of her."

Usain Bolt on the rules

Bolt talked about whether he would change the rules regarding weed.

"If they do their research and decide that, “Listen, it doesn’t help you to run fast,” then yeah, for sure. It should change. But it’s all up to the people who make the rules to determine that. I can’t determine that.

But if they do their research and it shows differently, then it should be changed." The reporter asked him; Is it OK for you if a competitor who is racing with you uses marijuana? "For me, I always just focus on who’s there.

It’s not my job to figure out if you did something bad. As long as you’re on the line as a competitor, I just focus on trying to beat you. I really don’t follow if you got tested once for drugs or whatever. For me, if you show up on the line on that day, you’re my competition.

I don’t really worry about that. I let WADA and the IOC and everyone else worry about that. My job is to compete against you."