Joshua Cheptegei can break Bekele's 10,000 world record

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Joshua Cheptegei can break Bekele's 10,000 world record

Joshua Cheptegei can break Bekele's 10,000 world record. Thanks to the title won in Doha just a year ago (with a personal of 26'48 "36), he is the reigning world champion of the distance, after being vice in London 2017.

As well as Aarhus 2019, is the cross. It is also the world record holder of 5 and 15 km on the road. In short: today there is no extended middle-distance runner stronger and more credible than him. Those of the NN Running Team, a team that is an offshoot of Global Sports Comm, the Dutch agency that represents it, left nothing to chance in planning the attempt.

Starting with the search for the best environmental conditions: the start will be at 21.55, when 23 degrees are expected in Valencia. Joshua will have to travel at an average of 2’37 "7 per km, or 63" 1 for each of the 25 laps of the race.

To help hi, a trail of flashing lights positioned on the curb of the track that will indicate the ideal rhythm, a prestigious series of hares.

Cheptegei and women's program

It will be piloted by the Dutch Roy Hoornweg (called to pass in 3'55 "to 1500), the Australian Matt Ramsden (in 7'52" to 3000) and the Kenyan Nicholas Kimeli (in 13'05 "To 5000), one who this season ran in 12'51" i 5000 (in Monte Carlo, on the day of Cheptegei's record), in 26'58 " 10.000 (in Leiden, Holland, on September 19th) and that on Saturday, on the shortest distance, he won the stage of the Gold Continental Tour in Nairobi.

It will go as far as it can. Then it will be the turn of the Ugandan. What will be staged tonight at the Estadio Turia in Valencia, Spain, will be a serious attempt to attack the world record of 10,000. It belongs to the Ethiopian Kenenisa Bekele who in Brussels, on Friday 26 August 2005, improving himself, flew in 26'17'53 "

Over 15 years ago: never before has the primacy of the specialty lasted so long. To cancel it we will try the Ugandan Joshua Cheptegei who, 53 days ago, in Monte Carlo, with 12'35 "36, has already taken away from Bekele (for 1" 99) that of the 5000.

The 22-year-old Ethiopian Letesenbet Gidey, vice world champion of the 10,000 and world bronze of the cross in office, at least in words threatens the 14'11 ”15 of the world record of her compatriot Tirunesh Dibaba who has resisted since 2008.

Also for her, personal of 14'23 "And seasonal of 14'26", exceptional hares: the Spanish Esther Guerrero up to 1500 (4'15 "), the Kenyan Beatrice Chepkoech, world record holder and champion of the 3000 hedges, up to 3000 (8'30" -8'35 ").