Britain 4x400 team will lose the medal due to CJ Ujah's doping


Britain 4x400 team will lose the medal due to CJ Ujah's doping

CJ Ujah has made a big scandal that is currently one of the main topics in the world of sports. Namely, the competitor in the men's 4 × 100-meter relay, it turned out that he used illegal substances and ultimately tested positive for doping.

That is why his team will lose the medal. Although nothing can change things, CJ Ujah spoke out and apologized to his colleagues for this event.
"I’m sorry that this situation has cost my teammates the medals they worked so hard and so long for, and which they richly deserved.

That is something I will regret for the rest of my life," CJ Ujah said Richard Kilty, his colleague in the 4x 400, is also disappointed after all, and it seems the 4-man team has to suffer for someone else’s mistake.

Kilty has an extra motive for Paris 2024, but Ujah really didn't need this "It's absolutely heartbreaking to finally hear the news that the medal is going to be stripped and wiped from history," he added. "The happiness for me was to win an Olympic medal and give it to my son for him to take it into school and say 'my dad won an Olympic medal'

"I never got to do that. The motivation is for the next two and a half years to make sure that job gets done properly next time [at Paris 2024]."

Richard Kilty on CJ Ujah

Kilty believes his colleague should follow the rules, and know what he can and can't do.

Still, we doubt that an apology from Ujah will change anything. The most important thing is that every athlete must be aware of what he is allowed to use and what he is not, and it is unfortunate that things like this continue to happen, despite so many warnings.

"We get that hammered home by British Athletics and UK Anti-Doping," said Kilty. "They are the rules you have to follow and I have for the last 21 years." "It's just devastating that other teammates haven't followed the rules as strictly as the rest of us.

And we've been burned by that. "I am glad CJ has apologized to us, our families and the whole set-up. I'm thankful for the apology but, on the other hand, the rules are rules. "When you become a professional athlete, the main thing you sign up for is you are on a one-hour curfew for the rest of your life to provide the address and time you will be available for testing. "You are responsible for everything that goes into your body – everything. You have to be accountable for that.