Antoine Méchin was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism after vaccination


Antoine Méchin was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism after vaccination
Antoine Méchin was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism after vaccination

The world is still getting used to the "invisible" opponent who has been bringing problems to this world for 2 years. COVID-19 has become the strongest weapon we try to defend against in various ways. As the main way of defense, doctors recommend a vaccine, which they believe is the only way to end the pandemic and that only with the help of the vaccine we can return to the old way of life.

Some disagree, saying the vaccine will cause even more problems. However, there are many who are on the side of science and who believe in the power of the vaccine. Many athletes complained about the consequences after the vaccine.

Most have complained of heart problems, but there are also those who got pulmonary disease after the vaccine. One of them is Antoine Mechin (32), a triathlete, who developed a pulmonary embolism after being vaccinated with Moderna.

Mechin felt a shortness of breath and he felt pain in his back, and he realized that something was going wrong.


That way, Mechin decided to announce: “Sports season over, following lung embolism due to Covid-19 Vaccine - 1st dose Modern end of June 2021.

Two weeks later, while I’m in the Pyrenees for training with the compère at Arnaud Guilloux, I’m starting to feel oppression. I then take part in a trail on my way home and on this race, I feel I’m quickly out of breath and a pain in my left arm, back and heart.

The following day July 18th, my doctor advises me to go for exams at the hospital in Saintes. No worries detected, they tell me it’s definitely stress related, and tiredness. So, I’m off to the US to do the IM Lake Placid.

When I don’t get too high cardio, I don’t feel much and so the race goes well for me, without experiencing any significant inconvenience. After my sports break of a few days following the Ironman, I’m gradually resuming on low intensities, I feel I’m not in good shape but no specific pain.

I then do my 2nd dose of vaccine, so I can swim in the pool. I feel like I’m bridged on high intensity efforts, sometimes I have discomfort in my chest and back, but I don’t worry. I do Duathlon D1, knowing I’m bridged, and the day after the race I feel this chest oppression more." I ride on Mondays with @pacometl to show him our lovely Charente coast, and ended up solo with 5 / 10ths well pressed where I feel I have strength but there’s a concern at the breath.

I’m talking to my doctor about the insistence of a sponsor friend @jardinsdesaintonge who doesn’t find me well, and I’m heading to Bordeaux for a cardiology appointment today. Explaining my symptoms, and @ medical.stadium’s ultra competent cardio explains the increasing number of post vaccine reactions of this type and urgently spreads a scintigraphy."- Mechin concluded