Filip Ingebrigtsen felt the negative consequences after vaccination

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Filip Ingebrigtsen felt the negative consequences after vaccination

Athletes are facing increasing problems. Hard training, pace, match schedule, all this affects their physical and mental health. Athletes have become robots, who have a programmed day, and from whom much is expected. Yet such things lead to dangerous consequences.

There are frequent cases of collapse in the field, or absence due to injuries, heart and other problems. One of those who faced problems of a similar but different nature is Filip Ingebrigtsen, a Norwegian athlete who had consequences after receiving the first dose of Pfizer vaccine.

Two months after receiving the first dose he began to feel tired and saw that something was wrong with his body. That was the first warning. However, he believes that he had symptoms much earlier, but that he did not attribute them to anything.

“Maybe I wasn’t good enough at registering the signals early,” Ingebrigtsen said, who believes it all started much earlier. - It is very sad when I have a daughter of 1.5 years and want to play with her, says Filip to VG.

The consequences of the vaccine also affected his motivation, which he obviously lost over time, since he could not reach the level he wanted. “It’s a struggle. Heavy from the first meters. We aim for good fitness and flow, and the less often we get to it, the harder it is to be motivated to train.

It has really affected motivation, ”he describes.


It is frustrating for all athletes, including him, when they are persistently trying to do their best and be ready for the next challenge, but this task is not going according to plan.

“We just have to be patient and see if the situation improves. There is nothing else we can do. He’s not sick, his body just doesn’t work. ” It is surprising that Ingebrigsten, despite the negative consequences of the vaccine, does not regret making such a decision, and would do the same thing again.

“I’m pretty sure I would have done the same thing again,” he says. Philip understood COVID as a serious danger, and as an even greater danger to him than the vaccine, and he thought he had made a good decision.

At a time of pandemics when more and more people are sadly dying, he decided to take the side of science and do what is best. “It’s more important to survive than to be good somewhere. Measures to cope with such a serious illness cannot be regretted, ”says Gjert Ingebrigtsen.