Swiss Federal Court dismisses Caster Semenya's appeal

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Swiss Federal Court dismisses Caster Semenya's appeal

Caster Semenya will no longer be able to compete over distances between 400 and one mile. The Swiss Supreme Court has rejected the appeal filed against the ruling of the CAS of May 2019. The 29-year-old South African two-time Olympic champion of the 800 is thus banned from the women's trials on the distances most congenial to her, as imposed by the international federation on all the athletes as she is.

The only option would be to naturally reduce testosterone levels beyond the norm, by taking drugs or undergoing targeted treatments. But Caster has always reiterated that, having already done it once years ago, she is not willing to replicate.

Semenya and her lawyers words

The Tokyo Olympics, on the double lap of the track, after two consecutive successes, will see a new winner. Caster, a foster mother for just over a couple of months, before the stop for Covid-19, had tried her hand at 200, leaking the possibility of a future, even in five circles, in the specialty.

But its potential in the sprint would certainly not be what it once was. Semenya commented the decision: "I'm disappointed but I will not allow others not to allow me to be who I am. I will continue to fight for the rights of women athletes, on and off the track, until we can race as we were born.

I know what is right and I will do everything in my ability to protect especially the younger ones." Semenya's lawyers said in a statement: "The appeal was rejected but it was made clear that the international federation, asking our client to undergo hormonal operations, seriously threatened her physical integrity.

Such practices, in fact, are not recommended, because they produce negative effects and, moreover, would certainly not be the result of a free choice." Meanwhile Mo Farah marked another amazing record. The 37-years-old Briton, already two-time Olympic champion and three-time world champion in both 5000 and 10000 meters, set the world hour record during the Diamond League stage in Brussels.

Farah covered 21.330 km, improving the previous record (21.285 km) that Haile Gebrselassie had set in Ostrava in 2007. In the last meettin of Diamond League 2020, Luminosa Bogliolo won in 12 "88 the 100 obstacles of the Diamond League at the meeting in Stockholm, writing a historical page of Italian athletics.

In fact, it had never happened that an Italian won a race on the prestigious International Tour. On the track of the Olympic Stadium, with no crowd due to the global pandemic health measures, the 25-years-old preceded the Finnish Lotta Harala (13 "07) and the Danish Mette Graversgaard (13" 13).

Bogliolo won in 12.88. Katarina Johnson-Thompson only sixth in 13.94. Luminosa Bogliolo comments on her performance, saying: "I don't consider it a good race, I wanted to start much better. I knew I had to beat Harala, which is the Finnish that starts better.

among the four strongest. On the blocks I was convinced they gave us 'at the time' because the wait had been really long, they waited for a jump from the pole platform. And when the starter fired I didn't really accelerate.

Then from the first obstacle I decided to run as smoothly as possible. We have been working on it a lot in training lately, because sometimes I force too much. I didn't think a 12.88 would come out like that."