China: Beijing and Wuhan marathons canceled


China: Beijing and Wuhan marathons canceled

In China, less than three months before the start of the Winter Olympics, the fear related to the increase in COVID-19 cases returns. In fact, the Beijing and Wuhan marathons have been canceled. In Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic spread at the end of 2019, the choice comes after the resumption of infections in China.

According to the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, the organizers have postponed the race to a later date to prevent the risk of spreading the epidemic, also trying to protect the 26,000 participants. After canceling the Wuhan marathon, the organizers subsequently decided not to run the Beijing marathon either, in order to prevent the risk of transmission of the epidemic and to effectively protect the health and safety of runners, staff and residents, by preventing the arrival of the 30,000 participants.

Chinese authorities are working to contain the infection by carrying out mass tests on residents and introducing targeted closures. Authorities announced on Sunday the suspension of interprovincial organized travel in five regions where cases have been detected, including Beijing.

Australian Open, Prime Minister: "The unvaccinated will not be present"

In recent weeks the tennis world has been shaken by news that could completely revolutionize next season. The Government of the Australian Open would be willing to arrange that all unvaccinated people cannot enter the country and this also applies to professional athletes and therefore also to tennis players, engaged in the state of Victoria to compete in the Australian Open.

In the Tour, several athletes still have to pronounce themselves on the vaccine issue and there is concern that several athletes may decide not to participate. To tell the truth, in the last few hours small encouraging rumors had arrived, but to close this possibility, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews thought once again, who attacked the Federal Government and Tennis Australia by releasing important statements to The Age.

The final decision on this situation will be made within two weeks but Andrews, for his part, does not seem to want to know and is ready to challenge Tennis Australia: "I want to send a message to all Victorians who have followed the rules to the letter.

and who are vaccinated. This government will not grant any exemption to unvaccinated tennis players to enter our country." Andrews continued explaining his reasons and showing a total closure: "We only want vaccinated people, we already have experience of sports competitions where all participants and participations had to follow.

these guidelines and we will not change the rules and this course for the Australian Open." The Minister concludes by stating: "It would be counterproductive to require that the public, volunteers and workers be vaccinated and then let the unvaccinated tennis players play." Meanwhile, Tennis Australia is working carefully placing every possibility as realistic, including precisely the non-participation of the unvaccinated.

In addition to this, according to what The Age Tennis Australia reports, he has kept in touch with the organizers of the US Open and they are working to copy their protocol for the controls and the measures to be taken in case of a tennis player or some member close to COVID- 19.