Usain Bolt revealed if he could return to the athlete track

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Usain Bolt revealed if he could return to the athlete track

There were big surprises, world records, moments to remember at athletic competitions during the Olympic Games. But no one shone as close as the once biggest star Usain Bolt, who at the age of 31, 2017, after eight Olympic gold medals, 11 world titles, and strong breaking records in the 100, 150, 200, and 200 meters, said "goodbye" to active athletics.

. A goodbye which he confirmed once again in an interview with the BBC. Although, he admitted that he later had small doubts about whether to return to the tartan track ... Now they are gone, and there is no time for that. "It's too late.

If I had intended to return, I would have done so at these Games (in Tokyo)," Bolt told the BBC, "When I told my coach I was retiring, he sat down with me and said, 'When you go to retirement that's it. There are no return trips, nothing.

So make sure you're ready to retire, "Bolt explained. He remembered the words of the coach after he told him about the possible return to the Olympic Games. "He looked at me and said, 'Don't even start.

So if it's not my coach, I'm not going to do it, because I believe in him, and if he says no, then it's not - but it's not that it doesn't itch me sometimes."

Manchester United

Bolt, who supports Manchester United, like most Red Devils sympathizers, is looking forward to Cristiano Ronaldo's first appearance upon his return to the city.

"His return was a big move. Cristiano demands a lot, so he will demand a lot from these players and that will only make them better" "He is on another level, he is a machine. I think he will play until the age of 42 because he will always be so ready and at a higher level than much younger players because of the effort and dedication he has.

" After an unsuccessful attempt to replace athletics with football, Bolt began his music career. He recorded a reggae album with his best friend Nugent Walker. Just like on a sprint track, he wants to be the best. "I aim for the top, to win a Grammy, release a platinum album or a single.

I want to reach the top and be in a room where all these great producers are talking about my music." "We know it's a long way and there's a lot more to learn, but we just enjoy the process, ”Bolt added. Bolt seems to be enjoying his retirement