Tokyo 2021 LIVE: Ryan Crouser king in shot put

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Tokyo 2021 LIVE: Ryan Crouser king in shot put

Swimming, 10 km men: gold to the German Wellbrock, silver to the Hungarian Rasovszky, bronze to the Italian Paltrinieri. Canoe, 200 sprint men: Hungarian Tokta wins the gold medal, Italian Rizza in second place. Athletics, 110 hurdles men: Jamaican Parchment wins the gold medal in front of favorite Holloway and the other Jamaican Levy.

Athletics, men's shot put: gold medal and Olympic record for the American Crouser with 23.30. Silver to the other American Kovacs, bronze to the New Zealander Walsh. Athletics, triple jump men: gold to the Portuguese of Cuban origin Pichardo.

Silver to the Chinese Zhu, bronze to Zango, an athlete from Burkina Faso, to the first ever medal for his country. Kayak, 500 women: New Zealander Lisa Carrington wins the gold medal, silver for the Hungarian Csipes and bronze for the Danish Jorgensen.

Kayak, 1000 double men: gold went to Australia with Brown and Imrie, silver to Germany with Hoff and Schopf and bronze from the Czech Republic with Dostal and Slouf.

Yesterday results and the medal table

China is also confirmed at the end of 4/8/2021 as the leading nation of the Olympic medal table in Tokyo 2021 with 70 total medals, of which 32 gold.

Behind followed by the USA and Japan in third place. Great Britain and Australia in fourth and fifth place. ROC (Russian Olympic Committee) in sixth place, ahead of the top-3 Europan country leaders Germany, France and Italy.

Holland closes the top-10. Rank-Team-Gold-Silver-Bronze-Total 1 China 32 22 16 70
2 USA 25 31 23 79
3 Japan 21 7 12 40
4 Great Britain 15 18 15 48
5 Australia 15 4 17 36
6 ROC 14 21 18 53
7 Germany 8 8 16 32
8 France 6 10 9 25
9 Italy 6 9 15 30
10 Netherlands 6 8 9 23

What happened yesterday in Tokyo

Swimming, 10 km women: gold medal for the Brazilian Cunha, silver for the Dutch Rouwendaal, bronze for the Australian Lee.

Athletics, 400 obstacles women: The American Sydney McLaughlin wins the 400 obstacles for women with 51 ”46, a new world record. Silver to the countrywoman Muhammad, bronze to the Dutch Bol. Skateboard women: gold medal for the Japanese Sakura Yosozumi, silver for the Japanese Kokona Hiraki, bronze for the British Sky Brown.

Sailing, 470 men: Australians Mathew Belcher and Will Ryan win the gold medal. Silver to Sweden, bronze to Spain. Sailing, 470 women: gold to Great Britain, silver to Poland, bronze to France. Boxing, men: Cuban Arlen Lopez won the gold medal in the boxing tournament, category 75-81 kg.

Silver to the British Benjamin Whittaker, bronze to the Russian Khataev and the Azerbaijani Alfonso Dominguez. Men's track cycling: Italy wins the gold medal with the new world record, silver to denmark. Athletics, 3000 women: Gold in the women's 3000 steeplechase goes to the Ugandan Peruth Chemutai in 9'01 "45.

Silver to the American Courtney Frerichs in 9'04" 79, bronze to the Kenyan Hyvin Kiyeng in 9'05 "39. Greco-Roman wrestling: Ukrainian Zhan Beleniuk beat Hungarian Viktor Lorincz 5-1 and took gold in the cat.

87 kg of the Greco-Roman wrestling. In the matches for the bronze Denis Kudla (Ger) overtook the Egyptian Mohamed and the Serbian Zurabi Datunashvili got the better of the Croatian Ivan Huklek. Athletics, 800 men: Kenyan Emmanuel Korir and Ferguson Rotich gold and silver respectively.

Bronze for the Polish Patryck Dobek. Athletics, men's hammer throw: Pole Wojceck Nowicki won hammer gold with 82.52. Silver for the Norwegian Eivind Henriksen (81.58), bronze for the other Pole Pawel Fajdek (81.53). Greco-Roman wrestling: Canadian Andre De Grasse takes the gold of the 200 in 19 "62 in front of the Americans Kenneth Bednarek (19" 68) and Noah Lyles (19 "74).

Athletics, 200m men: Canadian Andre De Grasse wins gold in the 200m in 19 "62 in front of the Americans Kenneth Bednarek (19" 68) and Noah Lyles (19 "74).