Olympic final in the 100 meters without Jamaicans

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Olympic final in the 100 meters without Jamaicans

There were rumors from various sides that the competition was never weaker, that there were no attractive or worthy competitors, and then the qualifications confirmed that a new order in the 100-meter run was in force. The fastest athletic discipline brought a big surprise in the semifinals of the Olympic Games.

The American Trayvon Bromell remained out of the competition for the medal, as he achieved only the tenth time in the semifinals. And he came to Tokyo as the fastest man in the world this year, running 9.77 last month and many saw him as the first favorite for the gold medal.

Especially since the world champion Christian Coleman was suspended for the Olympic Games and the guy from Florida was on the way to great success. Already in the qualifications there were problems, he finished only fourth in the qualification group, with a time of 10.07, but it was believed that he calculated then, that it was only important for him to make it to the semifinals.

He was only third in the third semifinal group, and the time of 10.00 was not enough to break through among the eight best.


A big surprise is a fact that there will be no sprinters from Jamaica in the finals. For the first time since 2000.

Not so long ago, this discipline was dominated by Usain Bolt, but after his retirement, the Jamaicans were left without big aces: Seville finished 12th in the standings, and 31-year-old Yohan Blake was only 18th. That’s why some new guys are in power.

Su Bingtian shone in the semifinals. The Chinese man, as if launched from a catapult, ran 100 meters for 9.83 and set a new Asian record. At the same time, he will be the first sprinter from the most populous country in the world in the final 100-meter race at the Olympic Games.

The European records also were broken. It was broken by the naturalized Italian Marcell Jacobs. The guy from Texas "swallowed" the track by 9.84 and will be the first representative of Italy in the final of the 100-meter race at the Olympics.

The finals are scheduled for 2:50 p.m. Of course, we expect surprises even then, considering that there are a lot of surprises for now at the Olympic Games. Favorites are well known, but that doesn’t have to mean anything, because there are shadow favorites that can do a lot. We hope for a good race