Ryan Crouser shattered the world record in the shot put!

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Ryan Crouser shattered the world record in the shot put!

Ryan Crouser broke the world record in shot put with a fantastic 23.37 in the US Trials for Tokyo, in Eugene. This was one of the most enduring track and field records, considering the previous 23.12 had lasted for over thirty years.

In fact, it was obtained in May 1990 by Ryan Barnes. Second place in the race in Eugene for Joe Kovacs, world champion, who landed the ball at 22.34, more than a meter. Third place for Payton Otterdahl, at 21.92. Both Kovacs and Otterdahl qualified for Tokyo 2021, out of Darrell Hill and Josh Awotunde.

Crouser, after the incredible record, said at the end of the year: "I knew I had the possibility of achieving this record since 2017. I felt very confident, but I went beyond expectations. I remained relaxed and carried out the plan I had in mind.

It took a lot of work and dedication. I took a weight off my shoulders! I had already managed many times in training, I knew I just had to wait." His father Mitch was a high-level discus thrower, uncle Brian javelin with two Olympic selections, the other uncle Dean weightlifting and discus thrower and cousins Sam and Haley javelinists.

Olympic champion in Rio just over 23 years old, Ryan was the protagonist at the Doha World Championships in the most sensational race in history: three athletes in ten millimeters. Ryan Crouser will be present in Tokyo 2021, where he will defend his Olympic title.

A curiosity about the athlete: during the lockdowns caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, Crouser, to stay in shape, built a personal training camp at his home!

Roger Federer complains about lack of information on Tokyo 2021

Roger Federer, who has been absent for more than two months after his brief stint on the Doha hard court, will come back fot rhe ATP Geneva Open 2021.

The former world number 1 has made a further training block in the last period, hoping to find him in better shape than his two appearances in Qatar. The 20-time Grand Slam champion had shown good signs from a strictly tennis point of view, but he seemed very far from the top of his physical condition.

The 39-year-old from Basel confirmed his presence at Roland Garros, where in 2019 he reached the semi-finals by surrendering to eternal rival Rafael Nadal on a super windy day. Roger has repeatedly stressed his willingness to focus on Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics, which could truly represent the latest efforts in his wonderful career.

In a long interview granted to RTS in recent days, Federer expressed his desire to return to compete with the best of the ATP Tourt. He said: "When I see the boys on television, I realize how incredible the level is. I hope I can get back to that level, I wish the same to my friend Stan Wawrinka.

I know you have to beat the best if you want to win the most important titles, that's why it will be an interesting thing. I can't wait to meet them again. I trained well and didn't encounter any particular problems.

I have played a lot in the last few weeks after having done a thorough athletic training. I will try to do my best in this tournament. I can't wait to know how my body and mind will react to an official match." The 20-time Grand Slam champion dreams of wearing the gold medal in singles around his neck, which he has always missed until now.

In London 2012 he had to settle for silver, while he was unable to go to Rio due to some physical problems. In an interview with Swiss television Leman Bleu, the 39-year-old from Basel expressed some thoughts on the Olympics issue.

He said: "We haven't heard a lot of news about the Tokyo Games lately, which makes me think that the Olympics will eventually take place. I have heard, however, that many Japanese citizens do not have a favorable opinion on the event.

Everyone knows that I would like to win Olympic gold, but if that doesn't happen due to the health situation I would be the first to understand. At the same time, I am convinced that athletes would need reliable information as soon as possible."

The Swiss is very attached to the 5-circle competition, where he has achieved the maximum silver in singles in London but took home gold in doubles with Wawrinka in Beijing. His history with Mirka Vavrinec also dates back to the Sydney Olympics.