UN about Semenya: "Reviewing rules with negative effects on athletes' rights"

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UN about Semenya: "Reviewing rules with negative effects on athletes' rights"

Re-evaluate, revise and revoke eligibility rules that have a negative impact on athletes' rights. This is the invitation to sports organizations from the report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, conducted by the former President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet.

The study refers to the controversial case of Caster Semenya, two-times Olympic champion and three-times world champion of the 800 meters of track and field, who since last year, as per the judgment of the Arbitral Tribunal of Sport in Lausanne, cannot participate in women's competitions between 400 and 1500 meters unless you take dmedicines that reduce testosterone, or undergo a gonadectomy.

The 29 year-sold South African middle distance runner is currently awaiting the outcome of the appeal presented to the Swiss Federal Court. The UN report puts pressure on states so that sports governing bodies should re-evaluate, revise and revoke eligibility rules and regulations that have adverse effects on athletes' rights, including those that target athletes with variations.

Semenya, thanking the UN High Commissioner, commented on the news: "For too long the people who control the sport have looked the other way, ignoring our rights but I want to assure them: we will not be silenced and we will not disappear."

After New York and Berlin, at riske the marathons in London, Chicago and Rome

Running, like many other sports, is having many negative repercussions due to the global pandemic. The last, the most painful: the New York marathon, in 2020, will not take place.

The most popular of all the marathons in the world, which would have celebrated the 50th edition on November 1st 2020 has been officially postponed to 2021. As for the Berlin marathon scheduled for 27 September 2020. The two announcements were made one after the other in a matter of minutes.

The organizers of both events hoped for as long as they could, then, in the face of the evidence, gave up. Too many victims and consequences of the pandemic. As well as related restrictions on mass events. Members will be offered the possibility of a refund or the opportunity to compete in the next editions.

The other big marathons are not up to date: for now the London on October 4th 2020 and the Chicago marathon, on October 11th 2020 are confirmed, but these too risk being canceled. Now we expect news for the marathons in London, Chicago and Rome: the signs are not positive.

Most likely even these events will be canceled and postponed to 2021, as to date there would be no conditions of discretion necessary to guarantee the health of the athletes and the crowd present, as there are several thousand present.