Joshua Cheptegei: new world record of 5000!

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Joshua Cheptegei: new world record of 5000!

The Principality of Monaco has a new star: Ugandan Joshua Cheptegei is the absolute star of the Diamond League restart, with a resounding world record of 5000 in 12'35 "56. He takes it away from Kenesisa Bekele, whose 12’37 "35 resisted for over 16 years until the evening of glory of the 23-year-old Ugandan.

Cheptegei competed for himself, arriving alone at the finish line to the applause of the crowd. He said: “Monaco is a special place, one of those where you can set a world record. It took a lot of mental strength to stay motivated this year, as many were forced to stay indoors.

I tried to push myself beyond my limits, also thanks to the right coach and my staff. I'm usually based in Europe, but this time I stayed in Uganda with my family and it was fantastic: I can't wait to celebrate with them."

After Monaco, the event we will continue to Lausanne and Brussels on 2 and 4 September. As per tradition, the athletes will also compete in Qatar: on 25 September they will stop in Doha, one of the host cities of the Diamond League since 2010.

Wayde Van Niekerk hopes and feares

Just some days ago we talked about it and his come back: the reigning 400-meter Olympic champion, Wayde van Niekerk, tested positive for to Covid-19 after the test he underwent on his arrival in Gemona, in Italoy, where he moved to train in view of the races that should have run in the next few hours.

28 years-old South African, who had just recovered from a bad injury and who was already in quarantine, will remain in solitary confinement and will therefore skip the meeting in Trieste where he should have taken to the track to race the 100 and 400: distance where he holds the world record (43 ”03), conquered in the Olympic final in Rio de Janeiro.

The trip to Italy, which became a kind of second home for him, and training in Friuli were the end of a nightmare for van Niekerk. Before becoming infected with the Coronavirus, the South African sprinter had in fact to wait two long years to recover from the rupture of the crusader of his right knee (caused by a 'touch rugby' game played in 2017 in his Cape Town) and return to train for return to the track for the first time in Trieste.

"Now I'm fine, but there were times when I didn't think I could reuse such a word anymore. Then move to the Tokyo Olympics? I will have more time to find the perfect condition. Tokyo will be an opportunity to pay homage to everything that has been my career so far, but also a goal to leave behind the pain and fear."

In October 2017, the record holder of the world of 400 meters as well as Olympic gold in Rio 2016, had a serious injury: Wayde Van Niekerk got injured during a rugby match played for fun. On 7 October 2017 he had in fact agreed to play rugby in his Cape Town.

It was supposed to be a game between VIPs, but it was a nightmare. Wayde slipped and his right knee underwent an unnatural twist. Four days later he ran to the hospital for a resonance: rupture of the crusader with fragments of both menisci scattered in the joint and perhaps some other damaged cartilage.