Mondo Duplantis guarantees for JuVaughn Harrison!

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Mondo Duplantis guarantees for JuVaughn Harrison!

Mondo Duplantis, world record holder in pole vaulting, vouch for JuVaughn Harrison! He said it in a recent interview: "Harrison is confident, I don't think people understand how great the things he is doing."

Dennis Shaver, his coach, added: "Since his freshman year, he's been training really hard, he's gotten a lot stronger. I just trusted my coaches. Last year they were changing a lot and I was very reluctant to change.

. This year I said: you know what? I go to all and what happens, happens. " And in fact, with a 2.36-year high jump JuVaughn Harrison, 22, of Louisiana University, improved at the college championships at College Station in Texas.

He has achieved another impressive combination of results. The first in history able to jump at least 8.40 in long jump and 2.30 in high jump, better than the German Henry Lauterbach who between 1978 and 1981 reached 2.30 and 8.35.

JuVaughn said about himself: "If you had asked me this question in my early college years, I would have said I preferred the high jump. But today I enjoy both disciplines with the same intensity. I love the feeling of overcoming the high jump.

rod, I like to get out of the sand knowing that I have jumped very far. The reason they don't do both is because there are two different techniques. You just need to find the balance."

Simone Biles leaves Nike for Athleta

Simone Biles leaves Nike.

The Olympic champion at the Rio 2016 Games, has signed a contract with the Athleta brand of the GAP group. The American gymnast, five times world champion all-around, leaves Nike to join a brand that focuses on women. Biles will work with the Athleta design team to develop exclusive products, including plans for multiple capsule collaborations for Athleta Girl.

The agreement will have a multi-years duration. Simone Biles will collaborate with Athleta to encourage millions of girls to fulfill their unlimited potential. Jana Henning, Athleta's Chief Product Officer, said: "We launched our Athleta Girl line for girls 8-12 in 2016 when Simone broke records in Rio,” recalls Jana Henning, Athleta's Chief Product Officer.

An official statement confirmed that the gymnastics star has entered into a long-term partnership with Athleta. Simone Biles is the first gymnast in history to have won five world titles in individual competition, and the first to win three consecutively.

In 2019, the American Allyson Felix joined the brand owned by Gap at a time when Nike was under accusation for not financially supporting pregnant athletes.