Lieke Klaver and Femke Bol: A story about the friendship of two athletes

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Lieke Klaver and Femke Bol: A story about the friendship of two athletes

Lieke Klaver and Femke Bol, two Dutch athletes, are recording great results. Their story is very interesting, considering that sometimes they used to meet together on the track, but it seems that there is no rivalry between them.

“We feel more like family and get on really well,” adds Bol, as quoted by worldathtletics “We are like sisters and learn to help each other. If we need advice, she (Klaver) would the first person I would go to”.

2019 World Athletics Relays in Yokohama the two of them shared a room together, and Klaver told an interesting-funny story “Our friendship started out of our clumsiness,” recalls Klaver with a smile. “We shared a room with a high window but as I tried to open the window I banged my head.

Two minutes later Femke did the same thing and we had such a laugh about it”. Klaver also recalled what it looked like in Yokohama, when they were surprised at the moment when some athletes followed them on Instagram “Some athletes who competed in Yokohama had started to follow me on Instagram,” recalls Klaver.

“I kept saying to Femke, ‘that girl is following me (on Instagram) and that guy is following me.’ On the track I was awestruck at seeing Andre De Grasse and others”. In those years, everything seemed strange to young athletes “We spotted athletes in the elevator, we were like young girls on an adventure,” adds Femke.

“At one point Lisanne de Witte (fellow Dutch athlete) walked over and said: ‘Girls, you have to focus on your own game because you have to run against them’!”

Papendal-based training group

After that, fate decided that they should be in the Papendal-based training group together “We were discovering a lot of lot of new things at the same time, which felt like we had a special bond,” explains Klaver, 22.

However, we found out that they are very different “I think the fact we are so different is maybe why we have such a good relationship,” explains Klaver, a 50.98 400m flat runner. “In some ways we don’t have a lot in common, although we do share a similar sense of humour.

“Femke is so much more of a perfectionist than me. She has seven books where she writes down all of her plans, I’m more go with the flow, which is not always a good thing and I can learn from her structure”.

“Lieke has helped me learn to relax a bit more,” adds Bol. “At 10 o’clock I would think, right, I have to go to sleep right now but she was a bit more loose with that. I was more strict but not in a good way. She made me more relaxed to the point we really learned from each other”.