Grant Holloway made world record of 60 hs

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Grant Holloway made world record of 60 hs

Grant Holloway made world record of 60 hs indoor, in Madrid: he flies in 7 "29, improving the previous record by 1/100. From March 1994. The 23-year-old American confirms himself in an extraordinary condition and he hits a goal he had been chasing for weeks.

The field display, at first, indicated 7 "32 and the officialization of the result came after a couple of minutes of endless waiting. Be that as it may. Mike Holloway's pupil (no relationship ...), in the hall, after ten wins this season, has been unbeaten since 2014.

He has super profitable action and devours barriers with a cadence that only he knows how to maintain. The Ethiopian Gudaf Tsegay also flies to Madrid who, with 8'22 "65, becomes the second ever in the 300o indoor behind compatriot Genzebe Dibaba and confirms the Dutchman at the highest levels Nadine Visser who wins the 60 hs in 7 ”81, the best seasonal world performance equaled and national record.

In Belgrade, the star is Mondo Duplantis: the Swede, after a brief stop due to a slight muscle discomfort, flies to 6.10 in the auction, the highest measurement in 2021. The two following the world record of 6.19 are in vain.

Larissa Iapichino new star of the track-and-field

Larissa Iapichino at the Absolute Championships in Ancona, she jumped up to 6.91, indoors, obtaining the junior world record, the absolute Italian one, equaling her mother Fiona May, obtaining the standard of participation in the Tokyo Olympics.

All at 18 years old. She said: "I still haven't realized what I just did. When I saw 6.91, I said to myself: damn I jumped as much as my mum. There aren't many words, it feels like a dream. Bringing an Olympic standard home at 18 years-old it's amazing, I hope I can take advantage of this experience to learn and extract the best from all my opponents and be able to grow.

I'm shocked, beating the record of one of the goddesses of the long jump is an emotion, a surprise and great happiness "The Olympics? I'm very young, it will be an experience like the Europeans will be. I will try to steal something from my opponents to grow and mature."

Fiona May, her mother, said: "It's unbelievable, I decided only at the last minute to come and see her. After today's second jump I thought: Larissa surpasses me! She gave that feeling. Now she has to try to win the first medals, the records are important, but the podiums are more.

If she reaches 15 medals then she will become the queen of the family. I taught her a lot about the mental aspect and now the fruits of the work are coming, she looks like me in terms of head and determination. And 'very determined on the platform."