Usain Bolt explains what a coach should be like

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Usain Bolt explains what a coach should be like

Usain Bolt explains what a coach should be like. Former track-and-field legend gave a very interesting interview in an article by The Gleaner, a Jamaican newspaper, reads the latest aspiration of Usain Bolt, the legend of the world sprint.

Some time ago he declared that it would be difficult for him to train because he lacked a fundamental requirement: patience. However, he seems to have developed an attribute, he himself says, in raising his first daughter.

He said: "You have to have the patience to face the athletes, and I didn't have that patience. But now that I have a baby girl, I'm learning to have it. So maybe in the near future I might even get to play as a coach.

Before that. Olympia (the daughter) didn't think that. As a coach, you have to be very patient. Athletes will keep coming to you and you will have to tell them the same things over and over and over. I was not one of those athletes that you have to say things to over and over again, but I recognize how hard it is for a coach.

Of course, I'm not saying I made things easy for my coach, as he sometimes had to yell at me. I always tell people who ask me: If the coach, in this case Mills, had told me that the next day I would wake up and run in eight seconds, I would have believed him.

And I believed in my coach because he has always proved himself. "

Russia was banned for doping for two years

Russia was banned for doping for two years, and it will be nameless ath the Olympics and at the World Championships!

The Country will not be able to use its name, its flag and its anthem for two years, at the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the World Championships of all disciplines included. CAS of Lausanne, called upon to judge the Russian appeal against the four-year disqualification imposed in December 2019 by Wada, the world anti-doping agency, for lack of compliance with its own rules.

The athletes from Moscow and the national teams will still be able to participate in all the events but on condition that they demonstrate that they have no involvement in doping events. And anyway without the national colors.

The disqualification will end on 16 December 2022. Russia is also banned from applying to host major international events for the duration of the disqualification. And major events that were to be held in Russia will have to change venue.

The ruling also allows the presence of Vladimir Putin and other members of the Russian government at the major events to which Russia is banned, as long as they are invited by the heads of state and government of the host countries. The name Russia may still appear on uniforms, as long as it is not larger than Neutral Athletes or Neutral Team.