Olympian and Noah Lyles Discuss Track, Face Cruel Fan Backlash

Exploring the Depths of a Track Athlete’s Mind

by Zain ul Abedin
Olympian and Noah Lyles Discuss Track, Face Cruel Fan Backlash
© Christian Petersen/Getty Images Sport

In the latest episode of Noah Lyles' popular podcast, “Sprint Talks”, fans were treated to an insightful conversation with fellow Olympian Joseph Fahnbulleh. The discussion delved deep into the unique challenges and experiences that track athletes face, giving listeners a rare glimpse into their personal lives.

Noah Lyles, a six-time world champion and Olympic bronze medalist, has made a name for himself not just on the track but also in the world of podcasting. Since its inception in August 2022, “Sprint Talks” has become a must-list for fans and athletes alike.

In this new episode, aptly titled “INTERNET COACHES CAN SHUT IT”, Lyles and Fahnbulleh address the pressures that athletes face and the importance of maintaining a strong sense of self in the competitive world of track and field.

One of the central themes of the conversation was the idea that athletes perform at their best when they are free from external pressures. Lyles emphasized the significance of athletes taking control of their destinies, asserting that they must be their bosses to reach their full potential.

He argued that this level of independence allows athletes to operate at their highest level, a point that is crucial for both fans and critics to understand.

Self-Reliance and Stories

Fahnbulleh added an interesting perspective to the conversation, acknowledging the common perception that track athletes, and professional athletes in general, can come across as selfish.

He argued that this sense of self-reliance is necessary, stating, “When they say that track guys are somewhat selfish or any professional athlete is somewhat selfish, you have to be because you are like your own boss, you are like a machine, you just have to keep moving”.

Beyond the insightful discussion on the mental aspects of the sport, the episode also touched on personal memories and stories, making it a heartfelt and engaging listen. Lyles opened up about the influential role his father played in his track journey, sharing stories of his early coaching days and the challenges he faced as a college athlete.

Lyles also took the opportunity to express his gratitude towards his mother, highlighting her significant impact in shaping him and his brother into the athletes and men they are today despite facing financial hardships.

This episode of “Sprint Talks” is a masterclass in understanding the psyche of a track athlete, providing valuable insights and personal anecdotes that fans and aspiring athletes will not want to miss. Lyles and Fahnbulleh have succeeded in creating a platform for open and honest discussion, making “Sprint Talks” a standout in the world of sports podcasting.