Noah Lyles Surprises Jamaican Girlfriend with Disney Vacation

Sprint stars Noah Lyles and Junelle Bromfield's romantic escapades

by Zain ul Abedin
Noah Lyles Surprises Jamaican Girlfriend with Disney Vacation
© David Ramos/Getty Images Sport

Noah Lyles, the renowned sprinter dominating the track and field scene, has had an exceptional professional season this year. His list of achievements is already extensive, but he added more glittering accolades to his collection, including clinching three world championship medals.

However, as the curtain fell on his professional endeavours for the season, the Gainesville native shifted his focus to an equally exhilarating off-track adventure with his Jamaican girlfriend, Junelle Bromfield. The dynamic duo embarked on a trip to Jamaica, where they reveled in an adrenaline-pumping off-road escapade, navigating ATVs through challenging muddy terrains.

Now, their journey has taken them to the enchanting Bay Lake in Florida, where they are experiencing the magic of Disneyland. Junelle Bromfield has been actively sharing their picturesque moments on her social media, leaving fans enamored with the genuine affection and camaraderie they share.

The Love Story Unfolds

Junelle Bromfield, through her Instagram story, treated her followers to a glimpse of their Disneyland adventure in the Magic Kingdom Park at Disney World. In one endearing video, she and Noah Lyles share a romantic moment, sipping from the same cup of coffee, accompanied by the caption, "I was trying to make a romantic video." This playful and affectionate display underscores the deep connection between the sprinting sensation and the 25-year-old Jamaican athlete.

Their journey as a couple began in 2022 when they crossed paths, eventually becoming friends and transitioning into a romantic relationship. Their love story blossomed during a vacation in Jamaica, where they embarked on a thrilling ATV adventure through muddy terrain.

Lyles' Athletic Prowess on Display

During their previous escapade in Jamaica, Noah Lyles showcased his athletic prowess by engaging in flow-riding and pool sessions. Junelle Bromfield shared captivating images of their aquatic endeavors on her Instagram, giving fans a glimpse into their shared adventures.

Since the inception of their relationship, the couple has been a source of inspiration and admiration for their fans. Their mutual love and respect for each other were on full display when Lyles strutted down the runway for an Italian fashion brand.

Unwavering Support and Shared Moments

In September, Noah Lyles graced the runway for Hugo Boss at the prestigious 2023 Milan Fashion Week. Junelle Bromfield took to social media to share a video of her reigning world champion boyfriend at the fashion event.

The power couple of track and field even struck a pose together, captivating the audience at the fashion extravaganza. Notably, Bromfield, hailing from Black River, Jamaica, is an accomplished 400-meter runner in her own right.

The pair celebrated their first dating anniversary in August, with Lyles commemorating the occasion by sharing a heartfelt reel of their time together on his Instagram. As love continues to flourish both on and off the track for Lyles and Bromfield, their adventurous getaways, playful moments, and unwavering bond continue to capture the hearts of fans.

The power couple's journey is marked by shared experiences and mutual support, solidifying their status as an iconic duo in the world of track and field.