Rafer Johnson, first black US flag bearer, died at 86-years-old

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Rafer Johnson, first black US flag bearer, died at 86-years-old

Rafer Johnson, first black US flag bearer, Olympic champion in Rome 1960 in the decathlon died at 86-years-old. He was also Robert Kennedy's bodyguard. First black standard bearer for the USA at the Olympics, Johnson set three world records in the decathlon.

In 1968,Johnson was working on Kennedy's presidential campaign when the Democratic candidate was killed in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Johnson was an outstanding student and played football, basketball, baseball and track and field at Kingsburg Joint Union High.

He looked more like a linebacker than a track and field athlete. As a freshman at UCLA, where he received academic and athletic scholarships, Johnson won gold at the 1955 Pan Am Games and set a world record of 7,985 points.

After winning the national decathlon championship in 1956, Johnson was the favorite for the Melbourne Olympics, but hurt his stomach and knee in training. He was forced to retire from the long jump, for which he had also qualified.

In a double match between the United States and the Soviet Union in Moscow, Johnson recovered against Kuznetzov by 405 points with 8,302 points. Johnson captivated the Soviet audience with his courageous performance in front of what had been a hostile crowd.

A car accident and subsequent back injury knocked him out in 1959, but he arrived in time to recover towards the 1960 Olympics. Yang won six of the first nine events, but Johnson led by 66 points in the 1500m, the last try.

Johnson had to arrive within 10 seconds of Yang, who was stronger in that test. But Johnson got the better of 1 ”2 and leaving Kuznetsov in bronze. He was 72 after a long battle with cancer. He retired in 1979 to become an athletic trainer at his San Diego University.

Christian Coleman appeals to the CAS against doping disqualification

The world champion of 100 meters wants to be present in Tokyo 2021. Coleman would like to fight against a two-year disqualification until 13 May 2022. Coleman disputes the suspension motivating it with reasons of localization by the officials for the non-appointment of the control on which a month ago the Athletics Integrity Unit gave a different ruling.

The American sprinter, who would currently be excluded from the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, is seeking acquittal or alternatively a reduction of the suspension. He had previously avoided a disqualification before the 2019 World Cup in Doha, Qatar, when Naser, who competes for Barhein and missed 3 tests in 12 months, benefited from the same technicality, against which World Athletics opposed a month ago with a 2-year stop request.

World champion Christian Coleman was suspended for two years for violating anti-doping regulations. A disqualification that would make him miss the Tokyo Olympics. The suspension (backdated to May) will expire on May 13, 2022.

The American said after the sentece: "I think the attempt in December was made specifically to make me miss a test." The 24-years-old athlete has 30 days to appeal to the Sports Arbitration Court. Coleman, who also holds the record of 60 m, in the last edition of the Games participated only in the 4x100 relay.

The American, world gold in the 100 last year in Doha, was punished for being unavailable three times. The Athletics Integrity Unit condemned him for failing to test in January, April and December 2019. Coleman himself had already touched upon disqualification for the same reason and had escaped on a technicality.