Usain Bolt's Surprising First Love: Cricket, Not Track and Field

From cricket pitches to Olympic tracks: Bolt's untold journey

by Zain ul Abedin
Usain Bolt's Surprising First Love: Cricket, Not Track and Field
© Asanka Ratnayake/Getty Images Sport

Usain Bolt's name resonates like a legend in the realm of track and field. Even after his retirement in 2017, he still holds the record as the world's fastest man for the 200m dash, completing it in 19.19 seconds. But a recent revelation on social media has shed light on a surprising fact: before track and field, Bolt's heart belonged to another sport.

This Monday marked the return of a sport to the Olympic stage after a hiatus of over 125 years. Amidst this significant update, several photos of Usain Bolt, affectionately known as "Lightning Bolt," have made waves online.

These images depict Bolt's fervent support for this sport and have sent ripples of excitement throughout the track and field community. The photos, captioned "Cricket was my first love after all," show Bolt engaging in a friendly cricket match with the Australian team.

Notably, he's seen in deep conversation with prominent players like Glenn Maxwell and even strikes his signature lightning pose alongside them.

Bolt's Cricket Beginnings

Bolt's journey into the world of sports began with cricket. As a young boy, he was inspired by the likes of Waqar Younis on the cricket pitch. However, his swift running during cricket training caught the eye of many, leading to suggestions that he venture into track and field.

Even his cricket enthusiast father advised him to pursue athletics, citing the structure of Jamaica's sports system. This revelation gains significance as cricket returns to the Olympics after 128 years. The sport will be featured alongside squash, flag football, baseball, and lacrosse in a five-sport package.

The International Olympic Committee, in a vote on October 17, decided to reintroduce cricket to the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. This inclusion will see male and female athletes competing in a six-team tournament. The Los Angeles Olympics committee believes that the resurgence of cricket, especially the T20 format, is behind its Olympic return.

Casey Wasserman, the Los Angeles Organising Committee Chairperson, remarked after attending an IPL match, "It was electric. And we aim to replicate that ambience." In conclusion, while Usain Bolt might not have pursued a professional cricket career, his admiration for the sport remains evident.

Fans eagerly await how Bolt, the sprinting legend, reacts to the cricketing spectacle at the upcoming Los Angeles Olympics.