Josephus Lyles Spotted with American Girlfriend Abroad

Sprinting Stars' Post-Season Escapades Delight Fans Worldwide

by Zain ul Abedin
Josephus Lyles Spotted with American Girlfriend Abroad
© Steph Chambers/Getty Images Sport

The 2023 track and field season witnessed remarkable achievements for the Lyles brothers, Noah and Josephus. Noah Lyles, in particular, culminated his season with a triumphant display at the 2023 World Athletics, securing three prestigious accolades for Team USA.

Conversely, Josephus Lyles, the sprinter extraordinaire, clinched silver in the 200m race at the ISTAF Berlin Meet, boasting an impressive time of 20.52 seconds. Post-season, the spotlight shifted to Josephus Lyles as he embarked on a well-deserved vacation abroad.

A graduate of T. C. Williams High School, Josephus was spotted in the company of his American girlfriend, a fellow sprinter, as they reveled in relaxation. The couple didn't keep their escapades a secret, delighting fans by sharing glimpses of their vacation through captivating photographs.

Josephus Lyles' Mexican Getaway Highlights

Josephus Lyles and his girlfriend indulged in a leisurely retreat to Cancun, Mexico, providing fans with a glimpse of their off-season bliss. Track Spice, on September 21, showcased several snapshots and videos of the affectionate couple's adventures, appropriately captioned "Off-season Shenanigans." Both Josephus Lyles and Angie Annelus are endorsed by Adidas and proudly represent the United States on the track.

Their vacation snapshots captured moments of exhilaration, from horseback riding to heart-pounding zip-lining adventures, not to mention the thrill of quad bike rides. Josephus, relishing his time in Mexico, even took a refreshing plunge into its azure waters.

Meanwhile, Noah Lyles, Josephus's brother and a standout athlete in his own right, is also savoring precious moments with his girlfriend, Junelle Bromfield. In a season-ending showdown, Noah Lyles faced disappointment, narrowly missing out on the Diamond League trophy with a time of 9.85 seconds.

The title went to Christian Coleman, who clocked 9.83 seconds. Nevertheless, Noah Lyles, the newly crowned world champion, wasted no time in unwinding with his partner, Bromfield. A recent Instagram post showcased a beaming Lyles alongside Bromfield, who playfully threw a peace sign emoji into the air.

In summary, after their outstanding performances on the track this season, both Noah and Josephus Lyles have earned the right to relax and spend cherished moments with their loved ones. Fans eagerly await the brothers' return to social media, where they are sure to captivate with more heartwarming snapshots alongside their girlfriends, proving that even champions deserve a well-earned break.