Usain Bolt: "Cristiano Ronaldo is now faster than me"

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Usain Bolt: "Cristiano Ronaldo is now faster than me"

Usain Bolt, the only athlete in history to have won the gold medal in the 100 and 200 meters in three consecutive editions of the Olympic Games, in Beijing, London and Rio de Janeiro, as well as in three different editions of the world championships, had a great passion for soccer.

A passion so much great he tried a pro adventure with the Central Coast Mariners in Australia. Abou it he said: "I made that choice to stay away from media pressures and everyone but it didn't go as I thought. If I had stayed in Europe, maybe I would have had more success and more support.

Unfortunately it is a phenomenon that exists all over the world the fact that it continues to exist is dramatic. It worries me because I am a black man, although I must say that in the world of track and field I have rarely had to deal with it.

We hope to work to improve the situation." He talked also about Crsitiano Ronaldo, star of Juventus FC: "A race in speed between me and Cristiano Ronaldo? Cristiano would win in safety, he is still fit. Cristiano is still active, he works hard every day and I consider him a super athlete.

He trains a lot, he is always very focused and he is at the top among the players on a world scale. I think he would be faster than myself." Jamaican sprinter was the winner of eight Olympic gold medals and 11 world championships, and he has retired from competitive activity since 2017.

2024 European Championship will be held in Rome.

Italian capital will host the twenty-sixth edition of the competition. This was established by the sixteen members of the Council of the continental federation, virtually meeting by teleconference, preferring the Italian capital to the Polish Katowice.

The work of the organizing committee will not be easy. Because the world moment is what it is because the event will happen immediately after the Olympics in Paris and therefore will risk losing some specific weight. It will bring back to the country a global review of the discipline 37 years after the 1987 World Cup in Rome.

Too many points in favor of the candidacy presented by Fidal, together with Sport and Health and local authorities, so that the balance does not hang from the Italian side. An example for everyone: among the competition sites, there will be the weight at the foot of the Colosseum, the march on a circuit near the Arch of Constantine and the half marathons with start and finish overlooking St.

Peter's Square. In addition, the proposal rests on a solid economic basis and has the appeal of a city and a stadium, the Olimpico, with the Marbles which heating system, unique.