Amidst Mental Battles, Noah Lyles Shares His Life-Changing Moment


Amidst Mental Battles, Noah Lyles Shares His Life-Changing Moment
Amidst Mental Battles, Noah Lyles Shares His Life-Changing Moment © Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images Sport

In the galaxy of track and field, one star shines especially bright: Noah Lyles. At just 26 years old, this American prodigy has already etched his name amongst the sport's elite. His blistering speeds and dominant performances evoke memories of Jamaican legend Usain Bolt.

Indeed, Lyles is often hailed as Bolt's successor, and he solidified that reputation by clinching two world champion titles this past August. Adding another feather to his cap, Lyles played an instrumental role in leading the U.S.

team to victory in the 4×100 relay world championship. But Lyles isn’t just a sprinter who blazes past his competition; he’s also an outspoken advocate for mental health. In an era where discussing one's mental health struggles is still stigmatized, Lyles courageously opened up about his journey, even revealing on Twitter his steps towards healing.

The sprinter’s path to transformation recently became the talk of the town when Bjørn Gulden, Adidas' CEO, posted a picture on Instagram alongside Lyles. Both stood next to a powerful message: “Through sport we have the power to change lives”.

Gulden's caption underscored the sentiment: “So true! Sport is soooo important!” To which Lyles sincerely responded, “It changed my life”.

From Gymnastics to Track Royalty

Sport indeed has been the transformative force in Lyles’ life.

Though he's the talk of the track world now, few might know that Lyles initially dabbled in gymnastics as a child. But at 12, the track beckoned, and there was no looking back. His athletic roots run deep. Both his parents, Keisha Caine and Kevin Lyles, were standout track and field athletes for Seton Hall University.

Kevin even clinched a heat victory in the 4×400-meter relay at the 1995 World Championships in Gothenburg. Drawing inspiration from his lineage, Lyles began his sprinting saga at Alexandria City High School. His trajectory since then has been meteoric, clinching titles many athletes only dream of.

Highlighting his recent accolades, at the World Athletics Championships, Lyles astounded the world by securing the 100 meters in a jaw-dropping 9.83 seconds. But he didn’t stop there. He surged to victory in the 200-meter heat with a 19.52-second sprint.

Lyles’ prowess was further showcased at the Zurich Diamond League on September 31 when he emerged triumphant in the 200-meter race, crossing the finish line in 19.80 seconds. As Lyles continues to conquer the track, his resilience, both in sport and mental health, serves as an inspiring testament to his incredible journey.