Larissa Iapichino like her mother Fiona May

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Larissa Iapichino like her mother Fiona May

In the footsteps of mother Fiona May: In the 9th edition of the City of Savona Meeting-Memorial Giulio Ottolia Larissa Iapichino, daughter of the Italian Athletics legend Fiona, twice times world champion, realizes a crazy 6.80, the second Italian measurement ever since 7.11 right from the mother in Budapest 1998.

To the delight of Fiona May in the stands, first incredulous after the jump of her daughter and then literally unleashed when the measure is made official. Iapichino, however, breaks a record, the Italian one under 20, and celebrates the second measure of the year after the 6.81 of the Swedish Kaddi Sagnia.

A nice early birthday present for the talented athletics jumper, who celebrated 18 years on Saturday 18 July. She said: "My mom is a legend, I still have to go a long way to reach it. It wasn't a perfect race, I reviewed the video with my coach and it wasn't a good jump.

But I'm happy for the measure, I wasn't she doesn't even realize she jumped so long. "

What a disappointment for Noah Lyles!

Incredible what happened to Noah Lyles, the reigning 200m world champion was a hard night: during one of the many distance races and simultaneously with other athletes, for a few minutes he caressed the idea of ​​having become the fastest man in the world, overtaking Usain Bolt.

His time on 200 meters in fact even knocked down the 19 "threshold, stopping at 18" 90, with a headwind. A monstrous, unimaginable performance. Disbelief, exultation, happiness, however, lasted very little in the soul of the innocent American athlete, just five minutes, just enough time to verify by the race judges that in reality the sprinter had covered only 185 of the 200 meters, two to an error of lane.

The error occurred during an Inspiration Game, distance race in lockdown times, between athletes who run alone and start at the same time as the starter fires. Lyles ran on a Florida track. Immediately his 18 "90 appeared anomalous, both for a slight headwind, and because the best personal of the American sprinter was 19" 50.

It happened that Lyles, winner of the 200m title at the Doha World Championships in 2019, reached the curve in Florida well before the opponents Christophe Lemaitre and Churandy Martina, who competed in Switzerland and Holland respectively.

He crossed the line but his winning time proved to be helped by an error in the positioning of his starting blocks, which allowed him an advantage of 15 meters. Disappointed and disheartened Lyles, who tweeted a few minutes later "you can't play with my emotions in this way ..."