Kenya wants to host the 2029 World Championships


Kenya wants to host the 2029 World Championships

Kenya is one of the most interesting countries when it comes to athletics. There are many successes behind them and many big names. Almost every other boy or girl in Kenya dreams of becoming a professional athlete and representing their country at the biggest competitions.

Precisely because of this love for athletics, the leaders of the Kenya Athletics Organization want Kenya to host the 2029 World Athletics Championships. Given that they failed in their intention in 2025, now they will have another chance to do so.

Athletics Kenya president Jack Tuwei expressed sadness that they failed to be the host for 2025. He also revealed the reasons why they did not succeed in their intention. “We applied in 2019 during the Doha World championships.

I took the letter personally and you cannot host a world event in a country before getting the government clearance. We approached the government and allowed us to apply to host the world championships in 2025,” he said, as quoted by the-star.

“We wanted to be the first to host a World Championships event in Africa but we lost (to Japan). Therefore, I'm not thinking of hosting another World Cross Country Championships before we do the World Championships.

We are going to try again but I don’t think we can do the 2027 event. The reason why we lost 2025 is because of lack of infrastructure and we, therefore, have to take our time and ensure we meet all the requirements,” said Tuwei.


Its main goal is the fight against doping. He is aware that they must take certain steps if they want to be hosts in 2029. “We better fight doping and come out of it successfully as opposed to asking to host the World Championships in 2027.

That's why my executive and I are looking at 2029, which will will certainly bid for,” said Tuwei. We will see how realistic it is at this moment, but the most important thing is that there is ambition and optimism among Kenyans.