Usain Bolt received a great recognition: It’s an honour to be amongst the greats


Usain Bolt received a great recognition: It’s an honour to be amongst the greats

Usain Bolt is the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award winner. Many believe that Bolt deserved this kind of award, considering his sporting achievements, as well as his achievements outside of sports.

It's been five years since he retired, but he still leaves a strong impression on everyone. Bolt is happy about this recognition, especially if we consider his predecessors who won the same award. “For me it’s an honour to be amongst the greats who have received this before like Pele, Muhammad Ali,” Bolt said in his message, as quoted by

Bolt is grateful to his family and many others who had an important influence in his success. “For me these guys are some of my favourite athletes and I look up to them. Also, I want to thank my family, my friends and the fans for everything throughout the years.

I’ve worked hard and to get this award means a lot”. - Bolt concluded.

Usain Bolt on Messi and Ronaldo

Usain Bolt has never hidden his love for football. For a time, Bolt even tried to play football as an amateur, but also professionally.

In an interview a few years ago, Bolt revealed who he thought was better; Messi or Ronaldo? "For me it is difficult to choose because I am an Argentina fan but I have also been a big fan of Cristiano since the time of Manchester United because, in fact, I am also a supporter of the Red Devils.

But I think that Cristiano has something more. because he has shown his worth in the Italian league, in the Spanish one and also in the Premier League. So, personally, I would say Cristiano Ronaldo. And there are very interesting young people, Mbappé for example is growing very, very fast. see how far these talented young people will go. "