The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) is the association that brings together professional tennis players from all over the world. Its male counterpart is ATP. The WTA organizes and manages women's tennis tournaments, including those that are part of the circuit equivalent to the men's Master Series. It also compiles the world ranking of professional tennis players on a weekly basis, which is important for determining the seedings of the various tournaments and therefore the draw matches.

The WTA rankings are the two world rankings in singles and doubles of tennis players participating in international professional tournaments organized by the WTA and the ITF. It is based on the best results obtained in 16 singles tournaments and 11 doubles tournaments over the last 12 months. The tournaments that take precedence in the counting are those that award the highest number of points. To appear in the ranking, a tennis player must have obtained at least 1 point in at least three tournaments or at least 10 points in one tournament.