Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman is a US professional wrestling manager and commentator signed to WWE, where he manages Roman Reigns. Heyman was one of the creative minds behind the success of Extreme Championship Wrestling in the 1990s, but has also worked for World Championship Wrestling throughout his career. In the nineties, when he was head of ECW, he was regarded as one of the best bookers around due to his ability to build matches and storylines, as well as great vision in discovering new talent. However it was widely believed that he was deficient in the financial management of the company, so much so that in 2001 the company filed for bankruptcy. Heyman made his debut in 1986 as a manager in the American Wrestling Association and World Championship Wrestling under the pseudonym Paul E. Dangerously. His character was the classic New York businessman with his cell phone always in hand.

In WCW he leads the Dangerous Alliance, a stable made up of Rick Rude, Arn Anderson, Steve Austin, Bobby Eaton and Larry Zbyszko with Madusa as manager. He was also the manager of the Midnight Express, Dennis Condrey and Randy Rose, in both the AWA and WCW. He also carried on a rivalry between his Midnight Express clients, Eaton and Stan Lane, while he himself was busy with their manager Jim Cornette. In the episode of SmackDown of August 28, 2020 he returns to the screens as the new special adviser to Roman Reigns. On the December 17, 2021 episode of SmackDown, Roman Reigns ended the alliance, stating that he is not part of his family and hitting him with the Superman Punch. Following the dismissal at the hands of Roman Reigns, Heyman reappears again on the January 3, 2022 episode of Raw as Brock Lesnar's lawyer, only to betray him at the Royal Rumble and return with Reigns.