Pga Tour

The PGA Tour is an organization that curates major professional golf tours in the United States. It is based in Ponte Vedra Beach, a suburb of Jacksonville, Florida. The PGA Tour became its own organization in 1968, when it split from the PGA of America, which is now primarily an association of golf professionals, such as instructors and club managers. Tournament players first formed their own organization, the Association of Professional Golfers. Later, in 1968, the players abolished the APG and agreed to operate as the PGA Tournament Players Division, a fully autonomous division of the PGA, overseen by a new 10-member Tournament Policy Board. In 1981, it had a marketing dispute with the PGA of America and decided to officially change its name. From the end of August of that year becomes TPA Tour.

The PGA Tour does not operate any of the major four tournaments or the Ryder Cup. The PGA of America, not the PGA Tour, organizes the PGA Championship, the Senior PGA Championship, and co-organises the Ryder Cup with the PGA European Tour. PGA Tour is not involved in the women's tours of the United States, which are controlled by the LPGA. The PGA Tour also holds an annual qualifying tournament, held over six rounds each fall; the top twenty-five finishers earn the right to play on the PGA Tour the following year. The rest, if classified within the seventy-fifth position, can instead participate in the Nationwide Tour. The top 25 in Nationwide Tour cashes also earn the right to play on the following year's PGA Tour. A player who wins three tour tournaments in one year receives an on-field promotion guaranteeing him or her participation on the PGA Tour for the remainder of the year. At the end of each season, the top 125 players on the money list receive a tour card for the following year, which exempts them from qualifying for most tournaments. However, at certain tournaments, known as invitationals, the exemption only applies to the top seventy of the previous year's rankings. Players classified in positions 126 to 150 receive a conditional tour card, which gives them precedence to replace players who decide not to participate in any tournament.