David De Gea

David De Gea is a Spanish soccer goalkeeper known for his outstanding performances in Manchester United and the Spanish national team, but who hasen't team, actually, at November 2023. Born on November 7, 1990 in Madrid, De Gea is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world thanks to his agility, reflexes and blocking ability. De Gea began his professional career in 2008, when he was bought by Atletico Madrid. After proving his skills in the Spanish league, he was transferred to Manchester United in 2011, becoming one of the most expensive goalkeepers in football history. In his first season with Manchester United, De Gea faced some criticism for his lack of physicality. However, he has worked hard to improve his game and over the years he has proven to be a world class goalkeeper.

He is known for his incredible reflexes and spectacular blocking. He has the ability to make extraordinary saves that often make the difference in matches. His dedication and discipline are reflected in his commitment to continue to improve and strive to reach new heights. Over the years, De Gea has won numerous titles with Manchester United and has represented Spain in several international competitions. He is a goalkeeper who has become a key pillar in both his clubs and who has proven to be a hugely important figure for their respective teams. With his technical skills and his constant determination to improve, he is destined to remain an influential figure in the world of football for many years to come.