Liv Golf

Liv Golf is a professional women's golf organization that aims to promote the contribution of women to the game of golf. Founded in 2019, Liv Golf aims to provide more opportunities for female golfers to compete at a professional level. The organization has organized a series of tournaments at different golf facilities around the world, providing a stage for emerging female golfers and allowing them to showcase their skills and talents. The tournaments are open to all professional female golfers, providing an important opportunity for women to compete in a highly competitive environment. Liv Golf has an innovative approach to women's professional golf, focusing on promoting gender equality in golf and empowering women in the industry. The organization seeks to raise awareness about female golf athletes, in order to ensure greater support from spectators and the golf community.

Through organizing high-level tournaments and offering significant prizes, Liv Golf seeks to provide a platform for talented women in golf to prove their worth and compete with the best players in the world. One of Liv Golf's main objectives is to change the narrative of women's golf and challenge traditional conceptions that manifest themselves in the industry. The organization is seeking to create a future where women are recognized for their golf achievements and are treated equally to their male counterparts. With their commitment and impact on the world of golf, Liv Golf is working to create a brighter and more inclusive future for women's golf.