Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya is a famous MMA fighter originally from New Zealand. Born on July 22, 1989, Adesanya is currently the UFC middleweight champion. He is known for his unique fighting style and his ability to move with agility and precision within the octagon. Adesanya is a stand-up fighting specialist, thanks to his background in kickboxing, the International Taekwondo Federation and boxing: equipped with a very loose and relaxed posture, he is skilled at striking from long distances with quick and violent attacks. Despite not being accustomed to the ground phases, he has an excellent defense against takedowns, boasting considerable physical strength.

Adesanya has training in several martial arts, including kickboxing, in which he achieved numerous successes before transitioning to MMA. His skill in striking techniques, such as precise kicks and punches, has allowed him to achieve many spectacular knockouts. However, what really sets Adesanya apart is his ability to create an effective fighting strategy to exploit his opponents' weaknesses.