Seattle Kraken

Seattle Kraken, the new National Hockey League (NHL) ice hockey team based in Seattle, Washington. The decision to expand the NHL to include a team in Seattle was announced in 2018, and the team officially joined the league in the 2021-2022 season.

Named the "Kraken" after the legendary sea creature from the Pacific Ocean, the Seattle Kraken immediately became one of the most anticipated teams in the NHL. The city of Seattle has a long tradition of supporting sports, and the arrival of a hockey team has created great excitement among fans.

The team has revealed its official colors, which are dark blue, forest green and neon, and has built a team of players who promise to be competitive in the league right away. Their stadium, the Climate Pledge Arena, was recently renovated and can accommodate over 17,000 spectators during matches.

The Kraken's debut in the NHL has been followed with great interest and the team has already gained a solid fan base. With the support of the city and a solid playing structure, the Seattle Kraken are certainly destined to become a major presence in the ice hockey league in the coming years.