Los Angeles Angels

The Los Angeles Angels are a professional baseball team based in Anaheim, California. They are part of Major League Baseball (MLB) and are members of the American League West Division. Founded in 1961 as one of MLB's first expansion teams, the Angels have a history full of success. The team was named "Los Angeles" in 1965, when they moved from their first stadium in Los Angeles. The Angels are known for their distinctive colors, a mix of red and blue, and their symbol, a cursive A, making them one of the most recognizable teams in MLB.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the Angels were a competitive team, but it was in 2002 that they achieved their greatest success by winning their first and so far only World Series title. Under manager Mike Scioscia, the Angels managed to defeat the San Francisco Giants in seven games to clinch the title. The Angels play their home games at Angel Stadium of Anaheim, a modern space that seats more than 45,000 spectators. In recent years, the team has attracted attention thanks to players like Mike Trout, considered one of the best baseball players of all time. With a passionate fan base and history of success, the Angels continue to be a beacon for baseball fans in Los Angeles and beyond.