Cleveland Guardians

The Cleveland Guardians, formerly known as the Cleveland Indians, are a professional baseball team based in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in 1894, the team is one of the oldest and most historic franchises in Major League Baseball (MLB). The Guardians play their home games at Progressive Field, the only stadium to impress fans with its giant statue in the form of two warriors on horseback. In July 2021, the team announced that they would change their name from the Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Guardians.

This decision was made to respond to criticism for the use of a name that was considered a slur against Native American populations. The new name, Guardians, was chosen to honor the two statues called "Guardians of Traffic" that stand in downtown Cleveland. The Guardians have a passionate fan base that fills the stadium to support the team. The team has had periods of success over the years, winning two World Series in 1920 and 1948. Despite a few difficult seasons, fans remain loyal to the team and hope they can compete for the title again.