Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox are one of the baseball franchises of Major League Baseball, founded in 1901 in Boston, Massachusetts under the name Boston Americans, they were also nicknamed Boston Somersets in the early years, in honor of the first owner Charles Somers. Since 1912 the team has played its home games at Fenway Park, which is the oldest existing Major League Baseball stadium.

The current name Red Sox, chosen by the third owner John Irving Taylor in 1908, is a dialectal contraction of the word Red Socks and derives from the color of the socks worn by the team's players.

The franchise, among the most famous in the world, won five World Series between 1903 and 1918, but subsequently failed to win the title for a period of 86 years (from 1918 to 2004); it was believed that this fact was caused by the sale of Babe Ruth to the rival New York Yankees, so much so that people began to talk about an alleged curse, which was given the name Curse of the Bambino. However, in 2004 the Bostonians returned to victory, repeating it in 2007, 2013 and 2018.

Since 2001, the ownership of the franchise has been held by the entrepreneur Tom Werner, who also owns the English football team Liverpool Football Club, playing in the Premier League.