Logan Paul

Logan Paul was born on April 1, 1995 in Westlake to Pamela Ann Stepnick and Gregory Allan Paul. He claimed to have British and German ancestry. Growing up in Ohio with his younger brother Jake, he started uploading videos to the Zoosh YouTube channel when he was ten years old. In his youth Logan Paul attended Westlake High School in Westlake (Ohio). He then studied industrial engineering at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio before dropping out in 2014 to pursue a career as a social media entertainer. In 2021 WWE invited him to two shows: on the April 2, 2021 episode of Smackdown as a guest of Sami Zayn and at WrestleMania 37, where he commented on the match between Zayn and Kevin Owens. At the end of the above, Paul complimented the winner Owens and the latter hit him with the Stunner. In 2022 he attended WrestleMania 38, announcing his signing with the Stamford federation on the following June 30. At Summerslam he defeated former Wrestlemania partner The Miz in a single match, on November 5, 2022 he faced undisputed champion Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel in his third match in the federation. He then faced Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 39 and was defeated within minutes.

On December 31, 2017, Paul uploaded a video of himself and three friends' reactions after discovering the corpse of a man who had hanged himself in Aokigahara also known as Suicide Forest, Japan. The video was removed less than a day after it was uploaded and sparked negative reactions on social media. A statement from YouTube says it violated its policies on violent and gory images. The man's face was blurred, leaving the rest of his body visible. Paul posted an initial written apology on Twitter and a subsequent apology video on YouTube, asking his fans to stop defending him. The criticisms increased once it was discovered that throughout the trip he documented disrespectful or tasteless behavior towards the population.